Tools for Managing Change


Tools for Managing Change


I’m Cindy Scott – Cancer Mindset Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author, Founder and CEO of Evolving Women.

Welcome to my online sanctuary; a space for women to pause, breathe {deeply}, heal and grow. You’ll find me here pondering busily and sharing widely about mindfully navigating a cancer journey, building resilience and empowering you to consciously create the life you love to live.

If you have just been diagnosed or are currently journeying with cancer, I acknowledge you and how radically life can alter our plans and how vulnerable and disoriented we can become.

If you are willing to accept the reality of your current situation and are ready to embrace the potential for transformation, to risk going deeper, to be held, encouraged and supported through uncharted territory, then you’re in the right place.

I respect that your path has brought you here and invite you to meet me here.

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My passion (+ this online sanctuary) is to help you discover that the hidden blessing in these unforeseen events, is that chaos usually precedes change.

Change is a part of life and how we relate to change

is what makes it either comfortable or uncomfortable.

Do you see change as something exciting or something to fear?

Embracing the inevitability of change and learning to sit in the discomfort of uncertainty is your ticket to peace, happiness and freedom.

It’s also your express pass to awakening to the truth of who you are.

Remembering what is most important to you, inviting you to become the woman you were meant to be and helping you live, love and lead in a way that makes you shine.

It’s about letting go of expectations (yours and others) and giving yourself full, unapologetic permission to live life on your terms.


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