Activating Mind-Body Healing
For Women Journeying With Cancer

Hello and welcome to this healing sanctuary for managing Cancer


I’m Cindy Scott, two-time cancer thriver and founder of Evolving Women

If you have just been diagnosed or are currently journeying with cancer (or supporting someone who is), I acknowledge you and how radically life can alter our plans.

Cancer is one of the most life-changing events we will ever experience.

I know because I’ve been there, not once but twice.

The truth is that our health is not just about physical wellbeing,

we are so much more complex than that

When I was diagnosed for the second time

I went in search of answers to heal my whole self from cancer

I read tons of books and did every therapy I could find and afford

I found conventional medicine could only take me so far

I discovered there are 2 ways we can go about healing

First, the mainstream approach where you consult ‘experts’ and have treatments done to you

This is the way I approached my first brush with cancer

Second is a holistic approach recognising that healing must take place in the body, mind and soul. This approach is led from within and something we have control over

I knew meeting my cancer with anger, was not the answer

High doses of cortisol coursing through my body was never going to help bring peace or healing

I needed to engage the power of my mind to activate inner healing

And that is the difference that’s made all the difference

If you’re looking to reclaim your personal power and use powerful mindset tools your doctor probably doesn’t know about to start your healing journey, then you’re in the right place…

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“Your healing journey starts now…
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