The Healing Journey

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Course Curriculum

Welcome + Program Overview
Part 1 – Why Me?
Part 2 – Prioritising Myself
Part 3 – My Circle of Support
Part 4 – The Bigger Picture
Part 5 – Finding My Power
Part 6 – My Body’s Wisdom
Part 7 – My Inner Sanctuary
Part 8 – My Soul’s Plan
Part 9 – Accepting What Is
Part 10 – My Wisest Healer
Part 11 – Living My Soulful Life
Part 12 – Love of My Life

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Gift yourself some time to pause and breathe (deeply) and to heal, fully.

Cancer can be a lonely journey but, you don’t need to do it alone.

Allow me to be your companion and guide as you navigate a cancer journey and discover holistic ways to heal not only your body, but mind and soul too. This program is the divine guidance I wish I’d had which is why I’ve created it for you.

Take control of your treatment journey and start healing today.

Here is just some of what you’re about to learn:

  • How to keep your sanity when your world is falling apart
  • Journey along with the book: The Healing Journal for optimal healing
  • 12 ways to stimulate your body to activate its own capacity to heal from within
  • How ‘western’ medicine could not give me the answers or healing I was seeking
  • Fast track your know-how with insights and wisdom I discovered along my treatment journey.
  • Discover proven ways to calm an overrun nervous system with the rituals and practices I developed through treatment.
  • Explore what may be at the root of your cancer diagnosis and develop your own holistic remedy for healing.
  • Experience complementary therapies to best support a cancer journey and which ones worked for me.
  • Enjoy a variety of mindfulness practices to help bring calm when you need them most.
  • Design your best soul-led life and develop an action plan to manifest it.
  • Dive into meditations, yoga and exercise programs built just for you.
  • Learn from experts in naturopathy, nutrition, mindfulness, exercise and soul growth to support your treatment path.
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