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Eight Weeks to Re-defining The New You

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We’re living in the most exciting and defining moment of our lives… right now

  • Are you feeling lost, uncertain and afraid of what the future holds?
  • Are you glad to be finished cancer treatment but not sure who you are now?
  • Are you excited about creating a brighter future but don’t know where to start?

Hi, I’m Cindy… a two time survivor and thriver from breast cancer.

I can remember that day so clearly as my breast surgeon, Emilia said… “Cindy your double mastectomy went very well and you are now clear of cancer.”

Words cannot describe the relief I felt hearing that after 1.5 years of treatment. And yet, there was a quieter voice rising up within me asking… “what are you going to do with your life now”? I had spent so much energy and attention on my treatment journey, I had barely given any time or focus to who I was now and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life!

As the months passed, I became more and more frustrated that I wasn’t making the most of this time. I was cancer-free and yet felt so stuck and unclear as to what to do next.

And then one morning I woke up (and literally woke up to myself!) thinking I have coached 100s of people through their career transitions before I had cancer… why wasn’t I doing this for myself? And thus, The Great Reset Program was born as I knew the 8 steps I took to shake myself out of self-pity and uncertainty would be the very steps you could use to liberate yourself and consciously create a life you love to live.

If you are ready to grab hold of the reins of your life and design a magical, heart-filled future, I would love to have you in this program. Much love, Cindy xx

Take a moment and dare to envision the life of your dreams: What does it look like?

It’s been said that there’s a line between the life you lived before cancer, and the one you live after it.

If you’re ready to take that step, to connect with the infinite power already within you and embody the woman you have longed to be (and already are!)… you’re in the right place.

Gift yourself this time to invest in you. Because you’re worth it!

You’ve done the hard yards journeying with cancer… give yourself a big pat on the back – you made it!

THIS is the fun part! Allow me to be your companion and coach over the next 8 weeks as we discover what truly makes your soul sing, clarify the most critical elements of your divinely designed life and start consciously creating a life you love to live.

This live program (delivered online) is the inspiring and structured program I wish I’d had which is why I’ve created it for you.

We are living in an extraordinary time which some are calling the Great Resignation.

I prefer to call it a Great Reset. So, let’s get started reviewing what’s important to us, re-igniting the passion that already sits inside of us, re-imagine what we want our lives to look like and reseting you and the wondrous, precious life you have in front of you.

Create the life you desire, because you’re worth it.

Join me for this inspirational and life-changing coaching program to get you living the life you were meant to lead. Follow along each week with this step-by-step guide to re-building the new you. Here is just some of what you’re about to learn:

  • Start living your life with more intention and passion
  • Secret hacks to change your mindset and change your life
  • Gain clarity of the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves and start writing new narratives that better support the new, more vibrant you
  • How to understand and embody your own highest purpose + potential
  • Identify and eliminate the invisible forces that prevent you from living life on your terms
  • 8 steps to envisioning, designing and building a life that makes your soul happy
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Your future starts now…

This transformational group coaching program is delivered live and designed to help you:

REVIEW what’s important to you,

RE-IMAGINE what you want your life to look and feel like, and

RE-SET so you can live a life that makes your soul happy


Coming soon…

  • Part 1 – Managing Change
  • Part 2 – Who Am I Now?
  • Part 3 – Being More Mindful
  • Part 4 – Exploring Values + Beliefs
  • Part 5 – My Body’s Wisdom
  • Part 6 – What Brings Me Joy?
  • Part 7 – Tools to Manage Stress
  • Part 8 – Living My Soulful Life


Here’s What You Get
  • 8 Steps to Building Your Best Life
  • 5 Self-Love Practices to Bring Calm and Perspective (mindfulness practices)
  • 8 Actionable Worksheets to Keep You Focused and On Track (practical tools)
  • Expert Interviews + Inspirational Stories From Cancer Thrivers
  • Private Facebook Community with Like-Minded Women


Bonuses You Will Love
  • Learn how to best support yourself after treatment with expert interviews on naturopathy, nutrition, mindfulness and soul growth
  • 24/7 access to mindful meditations for moments when life feels a bit tough
  • Easy ways to create your ultimate Healing Home where you can thrive in a healthy environment (PDF)
The Great Reset Program
Thrive Program

Thriving After Cancer


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