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Cindy Scott is Canadian born and has spent half of her life living in Australia. She has a son who has been her greatest life achievement. She is very familiar with navigating challenges and managing change; the perfect training ground to empower and enable others.

She is an author, speaker, coach and creator, passionate about women’s empowerment, leadership, resilience, emotional intelligence and well-being.

She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur utilizing her unique blend of talents and experience to empower women to see their potential, navigate life’s major transitions and take proactive steps to living a vibrant, beautiful, purposeful life.

Cindy is the Founder and CEO of Evolving Women Co, a platform for women who are experiencing change and uncertainty and seeking sanctuary to take pause, to breathe {deeply}, skill-up and flourish.

A former corporate leader, human resources professional, leadership development consultant, facilitator and certified Executive Coach for some of Australia’s foremost leaders and companies and creator of her signature women’s leadership program, Strive; Real Women, Real Power. She holds a degree and post-grad in health science and human resource management and is a certified and seasoned coach.

She is the author of the Healing Journal: The Gift of Cancer, a divine guidebook born amidst her darkest hours undergoing treatment for breast cancer and offered as her way of paying it forward and helping others when facing the emotional upheaval of a cancer journey.

She is the creator of the Healing Journey Program, an online support program for women navigating a cancer journey. So often we focus on just the physical aspects of treatment and wellbeing and ignore the mental, emotional and spiritual elements which make us whole. The Healing Journey Program has been lovingly created for every woman who’s ready to lean into the fullness of who she is and heal fully from cancer.

Cindy now spends her time speaking, writing and inspiring women about resilience, empowerment, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, mindset and wellbeing.

She works with female entrepreneurs and executive leaders who are navigating significant life-impacting change. She runs women’s leadership programs for some of the world’s most innovative and evolved companies and writes regularly about things that matter to modern women.

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