If you’re navigating a cancer journey
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, alone and afraid
If you long to feel understood and supported
If you’re needing guidance and direction
If you’re ready to move forward

Then you’re in the right place


I’m so happy you’re here. Let me share why. 
During some of my darkest days, my purpose became crystal clear. It’s to share the trials and tribulations and wisdom of my cancer journeys so you can more fully tap into your own and heal your body, mind and soul.

I love to create tools and share experiences to help you more easefully navigate a cancer journey and consciously create a life you love to live.

Hi, Im Cindy Scott

If there’s one thing I’m familiar with, it’s change.
I will accept that some of that change was of my own making, but a great deal of it was not.


It was January 2020 and my life was as perfect as I could imagine. We had recently moved to paradise, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We were getting married in March, I was in great shape, my annual vision board was beautifully created and beaming its shiny promises from the wall of my office.
My business plan was done. I was set to have the best year of my life at work and play.

And then in one single moment, everything changed. I was getting my annual mammogram and ultrasound, when Greg the sonographer said, “Cindy, you have a lump”. I lay there in disbelief. I could not accept his words.

It felt like I had already been through so much in my life … moving overseas, being bullied, losing a job, getting divorced, having my heart broken, grieving the loss of a loved one and raising my son as a single Mom.

Wasn’t that enough?

In the span of just a few weeks I was confronted with my second diagnosis of breast cancer, undertook two surgeries, cancelled our wedding, shut down my business, commenced chemotherapy and went into self- isolation with COVID-19.

My 2020 year was NOTHING like the one I had envisioned!

The impact of all THIS would cause even the strongest among us to falter. THIS was HUGE! Any one of these events might have knocked me off track, but the complex and simultaneous experience of these events was the most profound, truly grueling and yet, greatest gift of my life.

Divine Guidance

My life as a spiritual seeker, free-spirit, coach, creative and leader in addition to the many significant ‘bumps’ along my path have been the perfect training ground for my purposeful work as a writer, speaker, coach and entrepreneur.

I Believe

Life is filled with beautiful moments where we feel vibrant and alive.
Life also brings moments of darkness that shake us to the core.
I call these ‘crucible’ moments where we endure adversity and upheaval, the dark uncomfortable places of confusion and uncertainty. It’s where life as we have known it is gone, forcing us to stop, face the loss and pain and pivot towards a new path.

I believe such crucibles are the necessary chaos field which so often precedes change. Their pressures and strains seem unendurable, yet urge us to go deeper within, to reevaluate what’s important, to explore more of who we truly are and discover what we are capable of beyond the previous limits of comfort, certainty and safety.

My passion (+ this online sanctuary) is to help you discover that the hidden blessing in these unforeseen events, is that chaos usually precedes necessary change. And embracing the inevitability of change is most often what awakens you to the truth of who you are.

Remembering what is most important to you, inviting you to become the woman you were meant to be and helping you live, love and lead in a way that makes you shine.

It’s about letting go of expectations (yours and others) and giving yourself full, unapologetic permission to live life on your terms.


find your way home … to yourself