I wanted to share a cool way of looking at change that helped me through the toughest changes of my life last year in treatment for cancer.

Warning: This model moves away from relying on external factors for answers, comfort and joy and encourages to connect with the sanctuary that lies within us, always.

If we could just imagine for a minute that every change process has a particular cycle that gets repeated over and over.

I like to think of them as seasons. Not ‘weather’ seasons but, our internal ‘emotional’ seasons. Catch my drift?

I have introduced these emotional seasons throughout my book, the Healing Journal. Let’s take a look at winter and what she has to teach us.

As our northern hemisphere sisters are heading into the cooler, wintery months the southern hemisphere has sunshine and summer to look forward to.

Winter is the season of hibernation. It’s a time of going inward. Of stillness and contemplation. I often find I want to climb into my cave during the cooler months like a bear. To take a break from all the activities of life and take time to re-charge.

During the toughest days of chemotherapy last year, I was very much in the emotional season of winter too. Emotional seasons come and go despite what our weather patterns are serving up to us.

Chemo treatment put me into a pretty dark place. Sitting with my own thoughts. No place to escape to. Nothing to distract me from the discomfort I was feeling.

What’s the antidote I hear you ask? ????
Meditation practice
Long candlelit baths
Soulful music
Connecting with loved ones

Or better yet… try my brand new Replenish Bliss Blend. Both the tea and essential oil have been formulated in collaboration with experts, have been lovingly blended and are the products I wished I’d had while healing from cancer. You can find them at evolvingwomen.co ????

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