I think for many, the question of ‘why’ we’re here is a big one. In search of clarity to this question I sought a quiet place in the world where I could reflect and just be. Beautiful Bali beckoned and I found myself sharing an incredible journey with 13 other amazing entrepreneurs.

We climbed Mount Batur, one of the tallest peaks in Bali. Arriving at basecamp at 3am, in the pitch black, I was convinced we had lost our minds!

14 entrepreneurs, 4 guides and some tiny little torches to light our way and we set off… into darkness, with no clue where we were heading.

For me, one of the most spectacular moments was half way up the mountain where we stopped to catch our breath after a steep, rocky climb. Our group stood in wonderment and admired the quiet, the stars, the beauty of the moment. I felt so alive!

As we continued to climb, still in darkness, my legs aching and my mind tired, we arrived at a clearing which I thought was the summit. I was exhausted and relieved at the prospect I could now rest. However, I was mistaken. The Summit was further up!

The real lesson that day was pushing through the pain, taking comfort there was a team to support me and the small hand of a child guide to lead the way. No goal is beyond our reach if we set our mind to it. Mount Batur was both a physical and mental challenge for me. A true metaphor of the challenges we face in business and in life.

One I’m proud to say I ACHIEVED!

And what’s more… I can now articulate what I’ve always intuitively known is my why…

I wake up in the morning to… inspire and enable coaches to be more than they think they can be.

What is your WHY?

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