Cancer affects every one of us. With one in two people contracting this insidious disease by the age of 85, the odds are that either you or someone you love will be touched by it.

Sunshine Coast Mum, Cindy Scott was one of the unlucky ones… Just weeks out from her wedding, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2020 following a routine mammogram.

In a split second, Cindy’s life pivoted and in her words, “the cancer circus began” with a myriad of scans, tests, appointments and a plethora of new information taking up space in her already busy days.

Cindy said, “the doctors told me I’d have a 91% chance of survival if I followed their treatment regime but all I could think about was the remaining 9%. What about that part? What did I need to do to ensure a full recovery and zero recurrence of cancer?”

She began asking questions, researching, seeking alternative views and determinedly looked for healing solutions beyond the current, mainstream approach to cancer treatment which was predominantly clinically focused. She said, “I believed my medical team would take care of the physical aspects of my treatment but I was determined to heal the emotional and spiritual parts of me too.”

In her research, she discovered that calming an overrun immune system and healing her toxic emotions were just as important as removing rogue cancer cells from her body in order for her to heal fully. There are many researchers and authors who are doing amazing work in studying the body-mind connection and the importance of healing the whole self rather than single parts in isolation. In his ground-breaking book ‘The Healing Self’, Deepak Chopra M.D. writes about the importance of healing the mind and how this can radically shift and transform healing in the body.

With that aim, Cindy began a journal as a way of supporting her very emotional self.

She had never thought to create a book until a good friend suggested that her journal entries might in fact help others going through a similar experience. The Healing Journal was created from a collection of writings and tools Cindy used to help heal her body, mind and soul.

The Healing Journal is the book Cindy wished she had received on diagnosis. It is a stunning, hardcover journal lovingly written for every woman journeying with cancer. Filled with mindfulness practices, journaling pages and self-inquiry questions… this Journal is designed to help heal body, mind and soul.

The Healing Journal is an absolute must read for anyone touched by cancer. If you’re interested in getting a copy or know someone this book would be ideal for go to:

A percentage of the Healing Journal sale proceeds will go to cancer research so that an end can be made to cancer, forever.

For media enquiries contact:

Cindy Scott


m: 0409 974 000

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