The year 2020 was the worst of years and the best of years all wrapped into one for Sunshine Coast businesswoman, Cindy Scott.

January 2020 arrived and along with many of us, Cindy’s enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead was high. She had not long since moved from Melbourne to her tropical paradise, was set to marry in March, had her business plan in place and envisioned her most incredulous year ahead.

And then in a single moment, everything changed. In the lead up to her wedding, she busily worked away at ticking the many items off her to-do list. As she was getting her annual mammogram and ultrasound, Greg the sonographer said, ‘Cindy you have a lump’. She lay there in disbelief refusing to accept his words.

She fumbled in vain to feel the lump beneath her fingers, her mind racing and vehemently rejecting the notion that breast cancer had returned. It couldn’t be. No, not again!

She came up with a bevy of excuses about what the lump could be but somewhere deep in her knowing, she knew it was serious and needed her attention. She didn’t have time for the myriad of medical scans and appointments which now sat in front of her, nor did she have time for treatment.

Her diagnosis arrived just six weeks out from her wedding date. In the span of a few weeks, she was confronted with a second breast cancer diagnosis, undertook two surgeries, canceled her wedding, shut-down her leadership coaching and training business, commenced chemotherapy and went into self-isolation with COVID-19. Her year was morphing into something very different to the one she had envisioned.

As any life-threatening illness would do, Cindy’s world pivoted as she slowly fell apart. Her identity and everything that was once familiar washed away with her hair down the drain.

Amidst her darkest hours through cancer treatment, Cindy began writing in her journal. She found comfort in writing as a way to express the cocktail of emotions she felt and to make sense of what was happening to her. She needed a safe place she could vent the frustration, anger, hurt and grief that coursed through her veins.

One day a girlfriend suggested she should write a book incorporating her journal entries. A special book for women to more comfortably navigate the emotional journey of cancer. It was through this suggestion and inspiration that the Healing Journal: Gift of Cancer was born.

Cindy said, “the Healing Journal is the book I wished I’d received on diagnosis. The doctors told me I’d have a 91% chance of survival if I followed their treatment regime but all I could think about was the remaining 9%. What about that part? What did I need to do to ensure a full recovery and zero recurrence of cancer?”

Cindy began asking questions, researching, seeking alternative views and determinedly looked for healing solutions beyond the current, mainstream approach to cancer treatment. She said, “I believed my medical team would take care of the physical aspects of my treatment but I was determined to heal the emotional and spiritual parts of me too.”

The Healing Journal has been lovingly written and is a divine guidebook to healing not just our physical body, but the mind and soul too. In this soul-nourishing book, Cindy shares her story and by doing so, validates so many other women travelling this path also. Her book includes mindfulness practices, self-inquiry questions and journaling pages so that each woman can capture her thoughts and feelings and unearth the treasures of her own journey.

Cindy is a woman of great tenacity and no stranger to adversity. She was determined to find the silver-lining in her cancer journey and chosen to pivot not only her attitude but her business direction to serve others enduring cancer treatment. Her story is one of courage, hope and adaptability. Instead of being the victim of her circumstance, she chose to rise up and become a force for good in spite of it.

Cindy is the daughter to a two-time survivor of breast cancer and is passionate to see a world that is free from cancer. Her mission is to support organisations who are actively seeking a cause for cancer so we can put an end to this insidious disease forever. Proceeds from the Healing Journal go to this important work.

The Healing Journal is now available at


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